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Dakota Transit Association History

The Dakota Transit Association (DTA) was formed in 1985 to address the need for greater communication between transportation providers and to serve as a unified voice for public transportation agencies within the states of North and South Dakota at the national level.

Small and large agencies have benefited from the sharing of technical knowledge via conferences and have been able to tap into national organizations through the Dakota Transit Association. In fact, the Community Transit Association of America (CTAA), presented DTA with the CTAA "Outstanding State Transit Association of the Year" award in 1989.

Joining your state public transit association is one way to help achieve the clout required to address the need for local and state funding because there is strength in numbers, and transportation is vital to all human services as well as to commuting workers. Through the efforts of DTA members, North Dakota public transit obtained state funding for the first time ever!

DTA was also successful in obtaining legislation in South Dakota which exempts all FTA purchased vehicles from motor vehicle registration fees and will continue to work on legislative efforts to obtain state funding. In addition, the DTA Substance Abuse Committee has worked on Substance Abuse Program.